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The Italian restaurant where a plentiful, delicious lunch is offered Lattonzolo D'oro.

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Lattonzolo D’oro


Rest room information

Lattonzolo D’oro

There is the Italian restaurant Lattonzolo D'oro near Inabayakushi.
Lattonzolo D'oro opened newly in October, 2009.

Lattonzolo D’oro Lattonzolo D’oro

The reputation of a golden pig is advocated in Lattonzolo D'oro.

Lattonzolo D’oro Lattonzolo D’oro

A lunch of cheap, delicious Lattonzolo D'oro is extreme popularity.
I think that a lunch"tokkyu Lunch 1000yen "of the weekday limitation is good.

Lattonzolo D’oro

Small soup, hors d'oeuvres.A lot of dishes are served in a plate.

Lattonzolo D’oro Lattonzolo D’oro

Five kinds of homemade bread is delicious.
We can choose coffee or the dessert after a meal.
Dessert is cheesecake and ice cream. It's delicious, I am recommended

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Lattonzolo D'oro

Inabadocyo717 karasuma-dori takatsuji-sagaru(Down) Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-city Japan
Tel +81 075−352−7555 A regular holiday
On Wedenesday
Business hours(Lunch) 11:30〜13:15 Saturday,Sunday,Holiday11:30〜14:00
Tuesday-Saturday(Dinner) 17:30〜24:00 Sunday,
Monday 17:30〜23:00 

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